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Writing Unleashed is here to assist writers of all ages and experiences in making their words come alive on the page. Whether you need a series of writing sessions, a one-time consultation, editing, or a workshop with like-minded writers, I will help you become a fearless and focused writer. Explore my website and see what I can do for you!

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Tutoring for Students from Middle School through University. Some students need assistance with English conventions, organization, ideas, word choice, sentence structure, and finding their voice.
Most writers need a developmental editor at one time or another. An objective or ‘fresh’ eye will help with the evolution of a piece of writing.
Participating in a writing workshop is a great way to advance your writing by surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded writers willing and able to share comments, ideas, and suggestions about a piece of written work.

I am Donna Moreau, writer, editor, writing tutor, writing workshop facilitator, world traveler, mother, sister, and friend!

Client Testimonials

Thank you so much for reading and editing my writing pieces. You listened to my needs about how I wanted to come across to my readers. Your suggestions helped me get my ideas delivered more effectively to prospective employers.

Abigail Salazar-Lopez, World Language Instructor

I have attended several writing workshops facilitated or co-facilitated by Donna and can vouch for her work as a coach and writing mentor. Donna has an eye for what makes good writing and her insightful advice—in equal measures unflinching and encouraging—has been invaluable in my personal growth in the craft. It has been an immense pleasure working with her.

Olivia Wong

Until Ms. Moreau taught me, I never truly understood how to write an essay. Throughout my time with her, I learned writing skills that prepared me for high school, skills I continue to use in the IB. Ms. Moreau is filled with endless knowledge on literature and culture, which aids to a complete learning experience that transcends the English classroom.

Max, 11th Grade IB Student - Eswatini, Portugal, South Africa

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