Testimonials Around The World

Editor Testimonials

Thank you so much for reading and editing my writing pieces. You listened to my needs about how I wanted to come to cross with my readers. Your suggestions helped me get my ideas delivered more effectively to prospective employers.

Abigail Salazar-Lopez, World Language Instructor

Donna is a fantastic editor. She respects my voice, understands me as a writer, and can show me where I can express myself more succinctly. She views my work objectively and provides valuable feedback that improves my writing! I recommend Donna to anyone needing an effective and reliable editor!

Christopher Megaffin, School Counselor

Donna edited and provided feedback on several pieces of my writing. She took the time to listen and understand my individual needs while writing my dissertation. Donna asks the right questions to assist with harnessing my voice. She helped me take my ideas and put them on paper. Donna is brilliant with sentence structure, organization, and wordsmithing. It’s hard to find attentive and effective editors, so I was lucky that she was recommended to me by another writer. Call her; she’s fabulous!

Regina Rumford, PhD

Over the years, I have relied on Donna’s expert knowledge and support, whether I’m writing a short story, a novel, or a play. Her insight and inspiration have proved invaluable. Her strengths as an editor include structure, tightening the language, and sharpening the focus of my writing. Donna has been a valuable contributor to the success of my writing.

Sarah Hollister, co-author of "This Land is No Stranger"

Workshop Testimonials

I have attended several writing workshops facilitated or co-facilitated by Donna and can vouch for her work as a coach and writing mentor. Donna has an eye for what makes good writing and her insightful advice—in equal measures unflinching and encouraging—has been invaluable in my personal growth in the craft. It has been an immense pleasure working with her.

Olivia Wong

Donna and I have been members of the same writing group for two years. She has really helped me to develop my ability to critique my writing and that of others. Donna is amazing at giving the type of feedback that moves my writing forward and does so in a way that is both invitational and considerate. To top it off, I always enjoy the material she shares as it’s often funny, witty, and full of interesting language.

Tiwanna Merritt

Student Testimonials

Until Ms. Moreau taught me, I never truly understood how to write an essay. Throughout my time with her, I learned writing skills that prepared me for high school, skills I continue to use in the IB. Ms. Moreau is filled with endless knowledge on literature and culture, which aids to a complete learning experience that transcends the English classroom.

Max, 11th Grade IB Student - Eswatini, Portugal, South Africa

Ms. Moreau was my former English teacher and debate coach, and she imbued me with the skills and strategies that have made me successful throughout high school. As an excellent writer and teacher, she gave constructive criticism that helped shape my writing style. She also taught me valuable public speaking skills that I use in my day-to-day life. Ms. Moreau helped me develop confidence and clarity in my written and spoken word!

Sydney, 11th Grade AP Student - The USA

Ms. Moreau has been my writing teacher for a year, and in that time, I have seen an extraordinary leap in my writing. Before joining her class, my writing was fine, but it took me 300 words to get to the point. Her feedback and edits are precise and purposeful, making my writing ten times better. And I will not even go into detail about her brilliant character.

Maia, 9th Grade - The USA

Ms. Moreau helped me enhance my writing skills by teaching me to write better sentences. Not only did she help with the presentation of my writing, but she inspired me to become a better writer. She is very supportive.

David, Grade 8 - the USA

Ms. Moreau is fantastic; she helped me improve my writing by teaching me new things I never knew before and pushing me out of my comfort zone. Let her help you become a better writer.

Victoria, Grade 7 - South Africa

Ms. Moreau is a fantastic teacher. She helped me grow my writing by providing critical feedback that helped me so much. I have become a better writer in every way. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher :).

Keanna, Gade 8 - UK

Ms. Moreau has helped me improve my writing over the past year I have had her as my teacher. She helped me expand my vocabulary, which helped me as English is not my first language. Not only did she help me in class, but she also motivated and inspired me to practice my writing at home. Her feedback, writing support, and even emotional support, have made me a better writer. Best luck for the rest of your journey.

Guka, Grade 8 - The country of Georgia

Ms. Moreau has always helped my writing greatly through detailed feedback and editing. She has also helped me as a writer by giving me support. I have learned so much through all of this. Ms. Moreau always inspires our class, and she could make anyone fall in love with writing.

Isabella, Grade 7 - Italy

Ms. Moreau is a great teacher. I feel that my writing has improved in the short time she’s been my teacher. She has excellent editing skills, and even though she does some editing for us, she also teaches us how to do it ourselves. Ms. Moreau has taught me so much to make me a better writer.

Ava, Grade 7 - The USA

Ms.Moreau helped me elevate my writing to the next level by helping me with insisting I add details and descriptions to my stories and essays.
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Oro, Grade 7 - Nigeria

Ms. Moreau has helped me improve my writing skills a lot. She has always given feedback to me, and I learned a lot from her.

- Ruby, Grade 7

Ms. Moreau is an amazing teacher who I will remember forever in my heart. She is the teacher who kickstarted my love for creative writing and my tolerance for writing informative and persuasive essays.

Sam, Grade 8 - Scotland

Ms. Moreau has vastly helped me with writing because I use her feedback and constructive criticism to improve. Ms. Moreau will always make time for everyone, so their writing is as beautiful as possible.

Jaser, Grade 7 Pakistan

Ms. Moreau is the best writing teacher ever. She helped me grow my writing skills by giving me great feedback on my work.

Lucas, Grade 7 - The Netherlands

Ms. Moreau has helped me grow my understanding of writing in so many ways with her critical but honest feedback and inspiring words.

Maelys, Grade 8 - France

Ms. Moreau provides amazing, kind, and constructive feedback. When I’m down in the slumps about my writing, Ms. Moreau was there to help. She helped me increase my vocabulary and extend my ideas.

Tumi, Grade 8 - South Africa

Ms. Moreau is a fantastic teacher and editor. Her feedback is always useful and honest which helped to make my writing incredible. That’s why I value her.

Eza, Grade 8 - South Africa

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